Avalara Marketing Center FAQ

Q: What is the Avalara Marketing Center?

A: The Avalara Marketing Center (also known as AMC) is a free, online lead generation tool created by Avalara that features expertly-crafted campaigns, e-mails, landing pages and other collateral to enlighten and sell your prospects on the value of compliance automation. 

Q: What does the Avalara Marketing Center do for me that I can’t do now?

A: AMC gives you a completely turnkey and convenient way to execute pre-made email campaigns; download valuable assets; and generate more leads, all for free. Avalara takes care of the content and gives you an easy way to engage prospects and keep track of your leads!

Q: What can I expect to gain from using Avalara Marketing Center?

A: Accessibility to wonderfully crafted marketing activities and collateral on a savvy, easy-to-use platform all geared to help you generate more leads. You'll also get constantly-updated content, full support and marketing guidance from Avalara. 

Q: What is the cost for me to use Avalara Marketing Center?

A: Nothing! Using the Avalara Marketing Center is completely free and we encourage you to use it as often as you like.

Q: How much experience do I need to have working with Avalara before I can use the Avalara Marketing Center?

A: AMC is a very intuitive, user-friendly platform that does not require any advanced skills to use, and if you're already a partner with access to the Avalara Partner Portal you can begin using AMC right away.

Q: Who can use the Avalara Marketing Center?

A: Are you an Avalara partner? Do you have credentials for the Avalara Partner Portal? Then you're all set! Just log in to the Avalara Partner Portal and click 'Marketing Center' at the top to get started.

Q: Are there any restrictions for using the Avalara Marketing Center?

A: You must be an Avalara partner with access to the Avalara Partner Portal. In addition, AMC is only supported on the following web browsers: Internet Explorer 9.0 and later, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari 3.0 and later, Google Chrome and Opera.

Q: What steps do I need to take before I can start using the Avalara Marketing Center?

A: Before you can begin customizing marketing activities such as landing pages, e-mails and web content syndication pages, you'll need to ensure you have a company logo in place. To change this, click the Activity tab at the top of AMC then click the 'Personalize' link on the right. From this section, you can upload a new logo or set a default for a pre-existing logo.

Q: Can my company colleagues use the Avalara Marketing Center? 

A: Of course! If you're able to use the Avalara Partner Portal then you're able to use the Avalara Marketing Center. Not signed up? Join here.

Q: What tutorials are available to help me get started using the Avalara Marketing Center?

A: Check out our How To page for helpful video tutorials, user guides, whitepapers and promotional pieces, or to contact a Channel Development Manager (CDM). 

Q: I see Campaigns in the Avalara Marketing Center – what is a Campaign, and how does it pertain to me and Avalara?

A: A Campaign is a themed collection of information, assets and customizable activities tailored to helping you generate more leads. Each Campaign has a different focus and is shown to you depending on your partner type - in other words, you'll never see a Campaign not geared toward your business and your target audience. 

Q: What is an ‘Activity?’ How can I use them?

A: An Activity is an asset such as an email, landing page or web content syndication page that are pre-made and ready for you to customize. Every Campaign available to our partners will feature an Activity where you can customize text and images to send to your customers. 

Q: Is there a limit to the number of campaigns I can execute and the number of people I can send an email to?

A: No, there is not a limit to the number of campaigns you can execute. While there is no limit on the number of people in your contact list to send to, Avalara recommends a limit of 10,000. Anything over this amount will be analyzed and may potentially be a violation of the AMC Terms and Conditions. 

Q: What happens to the leads that come in from campaigns?

A: Customers and prospects who respond to your campaigns will be cross-referenced with leads and contacts already in Avalara’s marketing database. Those that are not already in our database will automatically be added as leads to the Avalara Partner Portal where you may review them. You also have the option to be notified by email when a contact fills out a form on a landing page you've created. Want to take a deeper look at your leads? Check out the Landing Page Report to see who has responded and the Email Report to see how your emails are doing.

Q: Will Avalara see my customer list if I upload it to launch a campaign?

A: No, Avalara does not view or store your contact lists. The Avalara Marketing Center is managed by a third party who will store your lists for you. If, for technical assistance reasons, Avalara needs to view your contact lists, they will only do so with written consent.

Q: Who do I contact if I still have questions after reviewing the training materials?

A: You can contact a CDM at CDM@avalara.com.

Q: How do I upload/update my company logo for use in campaigns?

A: When you've logged in to AMC, click the Activity tab at the top, then click the Personalize link on the right of the next page. From the Org Logos tab on the Personalize page, you can review and upload your organization's logos that are used in activities.

Q: Why do I need to upload my company logo?

A: Your company logo is used to co-brand activities such as emails, landing pages and web content syndication pages. 

Q: What is an asset, and what types of assets does the Avalara Marketing Center offer?

A: An asset can be a whitepaper, datasheet, video, blog post, external hyperlink - anything to help you sell to your customers and generate leads. To view a list of the assets available to you in the Avalara Marketing Center, visit our assets page.

Q: Can I create my company’s own creative assets in the Avalara Marketing Center?

A: AMC provides all the assets, emails, landing pages and web content syndication activities for you to utilize and customize for lead generation. While AMC does offer the ability to customize many of these activities, it does not offer a way to create blank template or unique activities. 

Q: How do I upload a contact list?

A: To upload your contact list, visit the Contact List page and click the 'Create a List' button. Follow the workflow to name your list then upload and populate it. 

Q: Can I use a contact list exported from my CRM?

A: You must use the contact list upload template found in the 'Create a List' workflow. 

Q: How does the activity creation workflow work?

A: Found a Campaign that works for you? Time to start customizing your landing page and email! Look under the Activities section of your Campaign then click the activity you'd like to begin customizing. On the following screens you may customize your landing page, thank you page and email message, as well as share your landing page via social media. Before your activity is sent you can send a test message to yourself, choose a contact list (or upload one) for distribution and set a time you'd like to send it out. It's that simple!

Please note that some activities may have restrictions on customization depending on the Campaign. Have questions about the ability to modify a certain activity? E-mail us at CDM@avalara.com. 

Q: Can I upload my own document to a campaign?

A: No, but if you have a great suggestion for an asset, please email CDM@avalara.com. We love good ideas!

Q: Do I have to execute a campaign to get the resources offered by the Avalara Marketing Center?

A: Nope! You can simply visit the Assets page to view and download any asset available to you, or visit a Campaign to see Campaign-specific assets.

Q: How can I change the email address to where my campaigns are sent?

A: You can view, add to and edit your contact lists within AMC by visiting the Contact List page.

Q: How do I know if my prospect filled out the Landing Page form?

A: Once you've created your Landing Page activity and clicked 'Save and Continue', you'll be brought to a page where you may review your landing page. Make sure the box is checked that says 'Alert me when a user completes this landing page form.' You may also check the status of your landing page activity by viewing the Landing Page report.

Q: What does it mean if a prospect opts-in to the Avalara Marketing Center?

A: An opt-in prospect has given express permission to receive marketing materials from Avalara and/or marketing materials about Avalara products and services. 

Q: What does it mean if a prospect opts-out of the Avalara Marketing Center?

A: This means the prospect no longer wants to receive emails from the Avalara Marketing Center and, if included in your contact lists, should be removed.

Q: Where is the Unsubscribe link on an email that I send via the Avalara Marketing Center?

A: The Unsubscribe link will be automatically generated at the bottom of any emails sent from the Avalara Marketing Center. There is no need to manually insert the Unsubscribe link.

Q: How does the Unsubscribe link work?

A: All emails sent through AMC will automatically come with an unsubscribe link at the bottom of the message. If a recipient clicks the Unsubscribe link, they will be taken to a page within AMC where they will confirm their email and unsubscribe from all AMC-generated emails from that Partner. This will not unsubscribe the recipient from all AMC emails, just emails from that Partner. 

Q: If someone unsubscribes, is this email address automatically removed from all of my contact lists?

A: The contact is not automatically removed from your contact lists; however, the contact is added to an Unsubscribed list for your account. That contact will no longer receive emails from your Avalara Marketing Center account. 

Q: How do I opt-out from the Email Automation Tool?

A: You can click on the 'Unsubscribe' link at the bottom of any email you receive from the Avalara Marketing Center. 

Q: Why would a prospect still get an email from the Avalara Marketing Center, even though they have opted out from receiving communications?

A: Avalara has different marketing partners. If you have opted out of the emails from one of the partners you'll no longer receive emails from that specific partner; however, you might still receive an email from other marketing partners. 

Q: Where can I see my campaign results?

A: Click the Activity navigation tab at the top of AMC to view your executed and pending activities; change your organization's logo; view your email report; and view your landing page report.

Q: What does the “Forward” button in the email report section mean?

A: This represents if a user has Forwarded the email they received to other from their email client.

Q: Does the “Open” column in the email report section take into account Outlook preview?

A: No, the Open column in the email report represents only emails that a user have double clicked and opened an e-mail.

Q:  How do I export an HTML template from the Avalara Marketing Center and send it out of my own Email Automation Tool?

A: Easy! Once you've created your email activity and saved it, the activity workflow will allow you to send a test email to ensure the content and appearance is to your liking. At that time, click the blue 'Get HTML Source' button and copy and paste or download the HTML from the email you've created. 

Q: Who has access to my company’s data? Is it secure?

A: The Avalara Marketing Center is operated by a third party. Neither Avalara nor any third parties support agencies will access your uploaded data, such as customer/prospect address lists, except when there is written consent from you for technical support and/or Campaign execution support purposes. Avalara and any third parties support agencies will not use or distribute this data for any other purpose in observation of your company's data privacy and confidentiality rights.