Form 1099 season is upon us and our partner, Avalara, can help!
Just as companies continue to increase the use of temporary or contract employees, the 1099 reporting responsibilities continue to grow. 1099 compliance is a further extension of a very taxing ecosystem. It’s an involved process. Retaining your W-9’s, validating Tax Identification Numbers (TINs) and managing B-Notices, loading, printing and submitting all of these forms in order to be compliant isn’t where you want to spend your time.

​If you have temporary employees, contractors or freelancers that require you to file 1099 forms with the IRS, put away the typewriter -- 1099 filing has never been easier.
Fast. Easy. Accurate. Affordable.
Avalara is a leading provider of sales tax automation software, helping businesses manage the complex rules and regulations related to transactional and indirect taxes.
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Take back your time and take the guess work out of compliance. Avalara helps accounting departments streamline the annual 1099 process by giving them the tools to:
  • Create 1099s
  • TIN match vendors
  • Distribute 1099s to recipients
  • Electronically file with the IRS
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Managing the W-8, W-9 and 1099 Process
In this webinar your clients will learn about:
  • W-8 and FATCA law changes that may affect them
  • W-8/W-9 and 1099 services
  • How an automated platform can help manage documentation for vendors, contract employees and consultants more effectively and efficiently
Multiple dates available.
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Avalara 1099 Overview
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