Understanding South Dakota vs. Wayfair
What new sales tax laws mean for remote sellers after the ruling
After the U.S. Supreme Court ruling, the big question on many sellers’ minds right now is “Where am I on the hook to collect and remit sales tax?
While there are many activities that give businesses an obligation to collect and remit sales tax, economic nexus is making headlines because it affects a vast number of remote sellers and changes the way states determine presence. While the new laws appear simple to understand, there are several factors that determine your sales tax obligations.

Our partner at Avalara has developed a simple and comprehensive guide that explains what economic nexus means and how it impacts your company.

Read the Understanding Economic Nexus guide and discover:
  • How to determine where you have to collect and remit sales tax
    This guide provides an explanation of what economic nexus means and how your business might be impacted.
  • State-by-state breakdown of nexus laws
    Each state has their own rules for how nexus is created and the thresholds for triggering an obligation to register with a state.
  • What types of transactions trigger nexus
    Not all transactions types trigger nexus. Learn whether exempt sales and transactions on services create nexus.

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